City Pulse  is one of the leading companies working with Solar Energy in Egypt, Middle East and Africa since 1997.

Solar energy is free, clean, and limitless. It is all yours when you go with a solar energy system from City Pulse  Solar Energy Solutions. Our products make it easy for you to enjoy year-round savings, protection from rising energy costs and boost your property's value while helping protect the environment from pollution, besides reducing our nations dependency on foreign oil. Whether you're a homeowner, a residential builder or a business, we have the solar energy products and services you need.  All our solar systems are custom-engineered with one goal in mind: Harnessing the solar power of the sun for a better future.
Although environment awareness requires time and change of peoples' behavior, nations worldwide are becoming more and more conscientious about mother earth. The "Sun"  has been and always will be the sacred source of energy on earth.
While our core strength is wholesale supply of products, we also offer a service in which we integrate complete systems with correctly matched components which include Residential & Industrial water heating, Swimming pool heating, water pumps and irrigation systems. We also provide complete solutions for Street and Garden lights. We provide systems for the new developed compounds, hotels and resorts such as pathway lights of various powers and design.
Imagine walking on the promenade with attractive bright brick tiles that light your way with a variety of colors.
For many years, solar energy has been the power supply of choice for industrial applications, where power is required at remote locations. One of the benefits of Photovolic Technology is the flexibility in the kinds of designs and applications that solar power can accommodate. In recent years we have seen rapid growth in the number of installations of PV on buildings.
Solar energy is also frequently used in transportation signaling e.g. offshore navigation buoys, lighthouses, aircraft warning lights on pylons or structures, and increasingly in road traffic warning signals.
Remote buildings such as schools, community halls, Police stations and clinics can all benefit from electrification with solar energy. This can power TV, Radio, video, telephones and a range of refrigeration equipment.

City Pulse is committed to provide its customers with the best quality of products and services that is powered by the sun.